Micro Pen and Ink Drawings by Taylor Mazer

Artist Taylor Mazer works on a small scale for some of his pieces. Very small- approximately 2″ x 3″. His itty bitty black and white pen and ink drawings of cityscapes and exteriors of buildings and factories are impressively detailed and moody.

Micro Pen and Ink Drawings by Taylor Mazer

He begins with a pencil sketch and then outlines it with pen and continues to fill in details such as snow, slush, bricks and lighting.

His little renderings are then framed with beveled mats. The results look like tiny aquatints or etchings.

Here’s a look at some of his recent work, courtesy of the artist:

Follow Taylor on Instagram at https://instagram.com/tlmazer

Taylor also works on a larger scale. you can see his work at his website here

Or purchase some of his prints and home decor items at Society 6

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