Vintage Items Made Irreverent With Typography

Canadian artist Marie-Claude Marquis (aka MC Marquis) as adds irreverence to vintage china tableware and embroidered tapestries and they are a hoot. She finds old needlepoint and dinnerware upon which she prints intricate typography referencing explicit swear words, Québécois slang, and hilarious pop references.

MC Marquis Artworks

She’s not the first artist we’ve featured to take vintage ceramics and embellish them with unexpected and edgy imagery. Artist Pierre Blanc did something similar with antique vases and plates here.

These art pieces will undoubtedly offend some people, but therein lies the appeal of Marquis’ work. Misanthropes, introverts and haters alike will get a kick out of these.

“My work is an account of the everyday world in which I live. It illustrates the lifestyle and the imagination of people of my generation and especially of those that evolve around me. My work questions human responses, the intimacy of daily life and the uniqueness of each individual.” – M.C. Marquis

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Artist Marie-Claude Marquis, courtesy of Station16 Gallery

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