Incredible Jewelry Inspired by Marie Antoinette’s Dark Side

I am in awe of the jewelry pieces designed by Lydia Courteille. They are some of the finest and most imaginative wearable art pieces ever made.

For over thirty years now, Lydia Courteille’s incredible gemstone creations have been worn by celebrities on the red carpet, featured in luxury magazines and collected by the very wealthy and elite. Scientist, collector, gemologist and traveler, but at heart an antique jewellery dealer, she started to create in 1998, conjuring up more than fifty collections so that she could share her passions, knowledge and creativity with her clients. One of her most recent, the blue palette pieces from Marie Antoinette’s Dark Side Jewelry Collection, is positively breathtaking.

Marie Antoinette’s Dark Side Jewelry Collection

The collection comes alive with a pallet inspired by the life of the Archiduchess: from a soft pastel aquamarine blue to royal gold, then gradually to a dark and almost Gothic side where a spiders come to mingle with the royal treasures the Queen could have saved until her last moments in her prison.

There are 7 gemstone rings in the collection:

There are 5 pair of Earrings in the collection:

One spectacular bracelet cuff:

And a tiara, of course:

Video from Lydia’s Instagram:

If you’re anywhere near Las Vegas, you can see some of her creations at The Couture Show, running from May 30-June 3rd at The Wynn

image by Natalie Shau for Lydia Courteille

There’s also a stunning hardcover book featuring several pieces from her numerous collections:

Buy the book here.

Lydia Courteille
all images and information courtesy of Lydia Courteille

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