The Magritte Surrealist Collection For Men and Women at Opening Ceremony.

The Magritte Surrealist Collection

For the past two months, there’s been some media buzz about the Surrealist capsule collection of ‘wearable art’ inspired by Rene Magritte for men and women from hip retailer Opening Ceremony set to launch in May. Now the apparel pieces are in and available for pre-order and I’ve got a look at all of them here for you.

The Magritte Surrealist Collection

clockwise from upper left: Many of Magritte’s well-known works are incorporated into the collection such as Sheherazade, Blow To The Heart, Lola de Valence (Hegel’s Holiday), The Beautiful Relations, La Cascade, The King’s Museum, Discovery of Fire and The Lovers – to name but a few.

The Capsule Collection:

The above images, courtesy of Opening Ceremony,  have been cropped for better visibility

details, prices and pre-order the above items here

High heels by Manolo Blahnik, Vans and even Birkenstocks with Magritte’s imagery are also part of the collection, but those are not yet available for pre-order.

The Vans:

You can get a good look at all the Vans at High Snobiety, Kicks On Fire or Hypebeast

The Birkenstocks:

Birkenstock images courtesy of stylebubble

Perceptions of Reality: A Collection Inspired by the Work of René Magritte by OC Family

Belgian surrealist painter, René Magritte, sought to make “everyday objects shriek aloud.” Almost fifty years after his death, his work still creates this effect on everyday items—this time in the form of clothing and shoes. The weird and wonderful world of Magritte is coming to Opening Ceremony stores in May 2014 with a limited edition ready-to-wear collection alongside three footwear collaborations with brands Birkenstock, Vans, and Manolo Blahnik. The range takes twelve of Magritte’s iconic paintings and translates them directly into fashion; it continues the poetic and humorous nature of the artist’s original work, and continues a theme that Magritte was most interested in: extreme juxtapositions between combinations of objects, and the ordinary versus the abstract.

Magritte’s iconic painting Scheherazade is featured in the form of a dress, top and pearl-embroidered bomber jacket. Other of his famous paintings in the collection include The Lovers, featured on an open-toe Birkenstock and The King’s Museum on a classic Vans lace-up sneaker. Manolo Blahnik has designed an exclusive stiletto that will feature the painting The Blow to the Heart.

Shop the Surrealist Collection
Sadly, the collection has since sold out and is no longer available.

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