A Game Controller For Grown-Ups With Good Taste.

luxury game controller

Just because you like playing online or video games does not mean you still keep a large jar of pennies in your room or have your mattress on the floor (though some of you may). There are plenty of sophisticated folks who like spending a few hours in front of their monitor clutching a game controller. For them, Kem Studio has designed the S1 – a beautiful, functional, luxury game controller.

Luxury Game Controller

Architecture and design firm Kem Studio of Kansas City has created an upscale version of a game controller. Designed for New York lifestyle brand SON, the S1 is an elegant handset that’s a far cry from the plastic ones with primary colored buttons.

The S1 has a solid walnut wood face, height-adjustable joysticks and an over-sized aluminum base to fit adult hands.

No word yet on pricing or availability. But you can sign up here at the SON website for updates.

Kem Studio