The Lladro Ceramic Succulent Diffusers Are Stunning

cactus collection

In the real world these spiky plants create beautiful, ephemeral flowers, some of which last only a night. With Lladro’s new Cactus Collection of infusers, the blooms and scent will last forever.

Lladro Ceramic Succulent Diffusers

Beautiful decorative pieces shaped like cacti are aromatic scent diffusers made by the world-famous Lladro of Valencia, Spain. Their first collection of liquid diffusers, handmade entirely from porcelain, are a tribute to these fascinating plants which combine the strength of their spines with the fragility of beautiful flowers.

Lladro cactus infusers collection

Three different succulent sculptures sit upon absorbent ceramic bases to diffuse fragrance throughout the room without any smoke. Simply pour the included oils into their base and these unique diffusors will perfume your home with superior aromas.

absorbent ceramic base of diffus

Made entirely of ceramic elements, the sculptural succulents sport delicate porcelain flowers of the finest detail and sit upon an absorbent ceramic base ready to receive the essential oil that comes with the piece. Each is available in one of the three scents described at the end of the post.

Opuntia Cactus Diffuser
Optunia cactus diffuser lladro
ceramic diffuser cactus
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Ferocactus Cactus Diffuser
ferocactus diffuser full I
lladro succulent dffuser
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Astrophytum Cactus Diffuser
Astrophytum cactus diffuser
Astrophytum cactus diffuser detail
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The Scents:
• Night Approaches scent: a floral perfume enriched with luxurious ingredients like bamboo, blackcurrant, jasmine, and fine woods.

• Tropical Blossoms scent: Flowers of the tropics are a floral perfume with Italian mandarin and Frangipani with the tropical fragrance of Benzoin.

• Garden of Valencia scent: a fruity perfume infused with hints of bergamot, tuberose and vanilla. Containing 200 ml of essential oil, its duration is over 2 months. Its formulation contains up to 29% perfume.

Each contains 200 ml of essential oil, enough to last more than 2 months. The formula includes up to 29% perfume, and the wick does not produce smoke. Made in Spain.

Prices: $345 – $360 USD

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all images and information courtesy of Lladro

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