Like Moths To A Flame. Butterfly Lamps by Ingo Maurer with Insects by Graham Owen.

Ingo maurer butterfly lamps

Butterfly Lamps by Ingo Maurer

detailed insects made by Graham Owe
detailed insects made by Graham Owen grace the teflon wrapped bulb

At this year’s Euroluce show, Ingo Maurer, known for his wild lighting designs, unveiled two fabulous hanging lamps both of which feature realistic butterflies, moths, and dragonflies created by California artist Graham Owen.One for mass-production, the other in a limited production.

Ingo Maurer in his Los Angeles studio working on the lamps

The Johnny B. Butterfly and the J.B. Schmetterling (Schmetterling is German for butterfly) lamps feature realistic butterflies, moths, and dragonflies created by California artist Graham Owen.

The Johnny B. Butterfly

ingo maurer butterfly lamp collab graham owen

Johnny B. Butterfly is a special version of the Johnny B. Good bulb. Made using the bulb, wrapped with a Teflon band, on which two handmade butterflies and one dragonfly are perched.

johnny b butterfly lamps

Different cable lengths are offered. By changing the cable loop, the suspension of the lamp can be adjusted individually. The light source is an LED retrofit.

maurer butterfly lamp in bathroom IIHIH

The Johnny B. Butterfly lamp has since been mass-produced and is now available for purchase.

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Hanging lamp with bulb in special shape Ø 10 cm and white heat-resistant PTFE shade.
The dragonfly and the two butterflies are hand-made models.
Grey textile cable.
Metal socket, lacquered white.
Light source:
For special bulbs, Ø 10 cm, produced exclusively for Ingo Maurer GmbH. 230 volts version: LED string bulb (220 – 240 V), 10 W, 2700 K, 910 lm, CRI>90, 25.000 h, E27, EEC A-G. For 125 volts. 125V presently not deliverable because of unavailable suitable bulbs. We are looking for replacement bulbs.
Technical data:
For 230 or 125 volts
Cable length 170 cm or 420 cm
More info: For ceiling heights up to 300 and 550 cm. Height adjustable. Dimmer recommended.

The J.B. Schmetterling Lamp

The J.B. Schmetterling is a limited production and features more insects:

Johnny B. Butterfly lamps

Ingo Maurer’s lamps as shown in a Milan exhibition at Spazio Krizia in April, 2011:

maurer butterfly lamps

images courtesy of Ingo Maurer and Graham Owen Gallery