Lighting? Speakers? Try Both. Sensai Wood Designs Light Up A Room With Sound.

Sensai wood collection

The Sensai Wood Collection is a collection of lighting that function as wireless bluetooth loudspeakers for the home. Designed by Decoma the collection consists of a suspension light, a floor lamp, a table lamp and a wall sconce in dark and blonde woods that conceal omnidirectional speakers.

The Sensai Wood Collection

Suspension lamp/speakers:

Table lamp/speaker:

A view of the underside:

Wall sconce light/speaker:

Floor lamp/speaker:

Listen to the radio or music wirelessly through the discreetly concealed speakers within the contemporary lighting. The bulbs are available in white, red, green or blue bulbs and have three dimmer levels.

UPDATE: The Sensai collection was part of the FDV group now owned by LEUCOS in their Alt Lucialternative Line and is no longer available.

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