Life With Covid in Miniature by Tatsuya Tanaka

life with covid in miniature

Photographer, writer and creator Tatsuya Tanaka, Master of the miniature narrative, has a “Stay Safe” series of his daily dinky dioramas.

Life With Covid in Miniature

Life With Covid in Miniature by Tatsuya Tanaka.
Best known for his Miniature Life photos and annual Miniature Life Calendars, he combines tiny figurines interacting with household items, everyday objects and food. To date he has charmed over 2.6 million followers on Instagram with his mini slices of life.

In keeping with the theme of the year, the Coronavirus Pandemic aka Covid-19 aka Covid, Tatsuya’s Stay Safe series represents the use / wearing of masks, washing your hands and social distancing to avoid spreading or contacting the virus. Other executions feature references to the life with Covid such as thermometers or visiting the doctor.

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