The Air: Red Dot Design-Winning Inflatable Electric Surfboard

German based Lampuga produces premium electric surfboards (jetboards) that combine innovative designs and state-of-the-art technology to offer fun and exciting experiences on water with the touch of a button. The boards are user-friendly, completely emission free and are built to the highest safety standards. Available in three models, the Lampuga Air Inflatable Electric Surfboard was one of the recipients of the 2019 Red Dot Design Award for product design.

Lampuga Air Inflatable Electric Surfboard

The Air is an inflatable surfboard powered by an electric motor and offers effortless water fun and is enjoyable for all riders, regardless of experience level. It is quickly assembled, easily transported and requires minimal storage space.

Combining great performance, a practical design and by being exceptionally user-friendly, the Lampuga Air may be considered the ultimate water toy. The inflatable board has a unique two-part design that demonstrate great balance, stability and control.

In contrast to hard bodied boards, the air inside the board’s inflatable hull allows it to float when the rider’s weight is added to the board, enabling riders to stand, sit or lie on the board before accelerating.

By being incredibly easy to use it offers thrilling fun for all riders, regardless of experience level, age or physique. Its hull is made of a robust drop-stitch material, which comes in several playful colours, is equipped with five handles and has a non-slip grip pad centre.

The Battery:
Lampuga surfboards are powered by a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 3.7 kWh. Depending on the driving style, weight, experience level and on the weather conditions, the battery allows for a ride up 45 minutes. Utilizing a plug-and-play battery system, the battery is both re-chargeable and removable, allowing for an effortless re-charge or battery change. Using a 230-volt outlet, it takes the battery approx. 100-120 minutes to get fully charged. The battery is equipped with a LED display located on its top side, which displays the charging state of the battery.

The Motor:
The surfboards are equipped with a 10KW (or 14 hp) electric motor, reaching a speed of up to 50km/hour. The motor is powered when the battery is inserted into the board’s battery compartment and the power button located on the battery is pressed. To ensure that the motor runs on an optimal temperature a cooling system is employed, where water is sucked in and circulated through pipes surrounding the motor.

The board consists of a shape-defining Powerbox containing the board’s technical components and an inflatable and foldable hull. Its design has been perfectly shaped for providing an agile surfing ex­perience. Designed according to modular plug-and-play principles, the board fits into most car trunks and therefore allows for easy transportation.

It can be assembled or disassembled in five minutes and ensures simple handling and low maintenance. The board is maneuvered using weight transfer and features a stabilising tether, enabling surfing for the unexperienced. The acceleration is controlled using the handheld remote control, which connects to the board via Bluetooth. The board is powered by a powerful, removable lithium-ion battery that is externally charged. To ensure a continued riding experience, the concept also includes an additional removable battery.

An Air Package is available that consists of everything you need:

Interested in the Lampuga Air?
They distribute the Lampuga Air through a dealer network in Europe. For more information or questions about the jetboard get in touch with the Lampuga team here.

Manufacturer: Lampuga GmbH, Rastatt, Germany
Design: Schweizer Design Consulting, Oliver Schweizer, Robin Ritter, Patrick Senfter, Farouk Zemni, Stuttgart, Germany

all images and information courtesy of Lampuga