Luxury Letter Furniture for Felines: Kletterletter

Kletterletter cat furniture

Kletterletter Cat Furniture, beautiful custom cat habitats in the form of giant letters, are the result of a “Eureka” moment had by a German couple while searching for a cat tree and scratching post that met their expectations in terms of style.

Kletterletter Luxury Cat Furniture

After seeing that most available on the market are ugly and lack a sense of style or panache, they envisioned big, three-dimensional letters as cat furniture, on which the furry felines could play, scratch and cuddle to their heart’s content.

The dream became a reality and Lutz and Nadine launched Kletterletter luxury cat furniture.

Manufactured in Düsseldorf, every piece of the wood veneered or painted cabinets is made based on highest design and quality standard.

Each piece has scratching areas made of premium-quality sisal and microfiber pillows for lounging.

Options include real Walnut wood veneer, real Light Oak vintage veneer or a white painted finish.

All models have a depth of 55 cm and a height of 175 cm. The width varies depending on the letter, number or character. Large and small editions are available as well as special sizes manufactured upon request. In addition to letters, they also offer numbers and symbols such as Ampersands (&) and Pound signs (#).

These are so cool that I would love one – and I don’t even have a cat.

Kletterletter luxury cat furniture is sold here

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