Kevin Bacon Recreates Footloose Entrance on Tonight Show 30 Years Later

Footloose kevin 30 years later 2 IIHIH

This is epic. The fabulous Kevin Bacon recreates, step by step, his ‘Footloose‘ entrance on NBC’s The Tonight Show after Jimmy proclaims that dancing has been outlawed by NBC.  In addition to sharing the 3 and a half minute video with you, I simply had to make some screen grabs so you can see the details, because the whole thing is so hilariously done.

Beginning in the dressing room Kevin hears the news, exclaims “Jump back”,  immediately pops a cassette into the wall (nice throwback), his feet start to move, he takes a drag on a cigarette, swigs a beer and begins to dance his way down the corridor to the show’s entrance stage.

Even the interior barn gymnastics scene is recreated (undoubtedly with a stunt man).

NBS staffers then join in the fun as he dons a burgundy tux and they all dance their way onstage.


The cult classic movie Footloose is celebrating 30 years since its release.
Just another reason to love Kevin Bacon.

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