Kerstin zu Pan’s Extra Virgin photography series

A few months ago, I introduced you to the talented photographer Kerstin zu Pan and her “Supervision” project.

Kerstin zu Pan’s Extra Virgin

The Berlin photographer’s latest series, “Extra Virgin”, was shot on the beaches of South Africa with a bunch of stunning models from Vision Models. The images utilize the landscape as much as they do the interesting masks used as props on the undressed women.

Due to google’s strict AD Sense policies these images cannot be viewed here but instead, the full unedited post can be found here on our Tumblr site.

Credits for this shoot:
Concept & Realisation: zu Pan
Hair and Make-up: Melanie Schöne & Henriette Höft
Models: Vision Models – Cape Town

I asked Kerstin a few questions about her latest project and she kindly obliged me with the following answers.

What was your inspiration?
The rainbow theme is something I worked with in the last years in my Fine Art projects. In my new series “Extra Virgin” its reduced, but still the basic inspiration.

What is the signficance of the masks?
Last Year I bought 20 masks in all colours in a giftshop in Singapore, and I knew immediately that I wanted to shoot them in South Africa in these white dunes. Masks are a nice accessory to work with – they always let the viewer guessing whats behind – but the reality will never be revealed.

Why do the models lack any genitalia?
You know, I think with pictures it´s the same like with jokes… they get destroyed when you explain them.

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