Kakkoii Qb Pantone Speakers are Music to Your Ears. And Eyes.

PANTONE Wireless Speakers

Qb Pantone by Kakkoii is a tiny, colourful and extremely portable wireless speaker. Made in collaboration with Pantone Universe, kakkoii has created this tiny cube for you to take music wherever you go. Available in 5 Pantone colors.

Kakkoii Qb Pantone Speakers

How it works:

• Dimensions: 2.1 x 1.9 x 2.1 inches
• Weight: 3 ounces
• 1 Lithium ion battery is required.

Buy them here in the UK (£39.50)

Buy them here on Amazon:
18 4252 Blue Aster Pantone Speaker
17 1736 Sunkist Coral Pantone Speaker
16 5127 Ceramic Pantone Speaker
14 0957 Spectra Yellow Pantone Speaker
19 4006 Caviar Pantone Speaker
18 1662 Flame Scarlet Pantone Speaker


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