The Jingoo Birdcage Speaker Light Is Finally Available

Once again, more proof that we know what’s hip. Two years ago we introduced you to Jingoo, a cool bluetooth speaker and light as a little caged bird designed by Sean Chen and Lotta Tu of Taiwan’s DAQI Concept, Inc. At the time they were seeking funding for the product via Indie GoGo and had several different design options which we shared with you here. Fast forward to 2018 and the product, with a few changes since the original, is now available through several Museum Shops and high-end design stores.

Jingoo Birdcage Speaker Light

The Jingoo Birdcage Speaker Light is now available in a only a few different color and finish options. The glazed ceramic bird sits in a metal cage with an acacia wood base, and provides three levels of lighting with a bluetooth speaker that can be easily paired with your devices. Its high quality sound performance is created by the tweeter and woofer drivers in Jingoo’s design.

The bizarre thing is that the major museum stores each seem to carry a Jingoo of a different color, which means they are also different prices. Here are a few for you.

The Gold-plated Jingoo retails for $390 USD (SF MOMA museum member price is $351 USD)

The White Porcelain Jingoo in Black Metal cage retails for $350 (NY MoMA museum member price is $315)

The Blue and White Jingoo in White Metal cage retails for $300 (MCA museum member price is $270 USD)

3-level light, mono 2-way speakers. Micro-USB jack powers a rechargeable battery for 15 hours of use.
Ceramic bird with acacia wood base and metal cage.
11.2″ high x 8″ wide x 9″ deep

Buy the Gold Jingoo here at SFMOMA

Buy the Blue & White Jingoo here at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art store here

Buy The White and Gold Jingoo at the NY MoMA store here

Jingoo is also available at other museum stores and design stores in the US and around the world. Find the locations here

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