Squeakee and Spotty Electronic Interactive Balloon Dogs Are Here!

Interactive balloon dog toys

Bound to be one of this holiday’s season’s hot toys, the interactive Balloon Dog named Squeakee, and his Dalmation pal Spotty, love to be pet, pumped up and played with. The new toys respond to your voice and come with their own own squeaker toys, a pump to inflate or feed them and a pin with which they can be “popped”.

Interactive Balloon Dog

interactive Balloon Dog

A huge hit at the Toy Fair, Moose Toys’  Squeakee has finally come to market – along with a special Dalmation version designed exclusively for Target. The first ever balloon pet inflated with personality, he’s designed to respond to your voice and to sounds, bringing him to life. The red pup – or the Dalmation clad in little red jacket – is full of movement and sounds and looks just like a real Balloon Dog.

squeakee balloon dogs

Squeakee comes with a range of fun accessories for interactive play. He can be fed, trained to sit or beg, and even “popped” with a pin.

squeakee with accessorieselectronic balloon dog

Designed for kids, they can use the accompanying Squeaker Toy to train the electronic dogs to sit, shake or beg. When they need to be fed, just place the pump in the dog’s nose and you’ll hear him inflate. But beware, when Squeakee or Spotty get full, they may pee or fart – much to the delight of your child.

squeakee balloon dog toy

What comes in the box:
1 x Squeakee (or Spotty)
1 x Pin
1 x Pump
1 x Squeaker Toy
1 x Instruction Manual

The Dalmation version, Spotty, was made exclusive for Target:
dalmation balloon dog
spotty dalmation balloon dog

Priced at $59.99 USD, you can buy Squeakee here

Squeakee the Balloon Dog boxed

Get the $59.99 special Spotty the Dalmatian Squeakee Balloon Dog designed exclusively for Target here

squeakee spotty balloon dog boxed

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