Imaginative Architecture. The Fiction Series by Photographer Filip Dujardin.

Fiction series by photographer filip dijardinabove: one of Filip Dujardin’s architecture composite photographs

Fast Company ran a post the other day on their Co.Design site, inspired by the terrific design blog, Dezeen.

The article featured the work of Victor Enrich. Enrich is a Spanish photographer who photoshops together various pieces of architecture together to create surreal buildings shaped like french fries and guns, an example of which is shown below.

victor enrich
Victor Enrich’s Defense, a gun shaped building, is one of the images in Co.Design’s article.

This instantly reminded me of the work of Belgium commercial photographer Filip Dujardin, who basically does the same sort of digital collage, only in a less whimsical or humorous fashion and with a better eye for composition.

Since many of my readers also browse FastCo. and Dezeen, I thought they might like to see another – and in my opinion, better- version of similarly constructed photographs.

Fiction Series by Filip Dujardin

Shown here are the 22 images (including the one at the top of the post) from the Fiction series by Filip Dujardin.

Fiction Series by Filip Dujardin
Fiction Series by Filip Dujardin
Fiction Series by Filip Dujardin

all images courtesy of the photographer

Filip Dujardin