48 Artists Create “I Voted” Stickers for New York Magazine.

KAWS I Voted sticker
by artist KAWS

With the election just around the corner, the ongoing push to get out and vote continues to present us with creative and engaging executions. New York Magazine brought together 48 contemporary artists to design “I Voted” stickers for a series of four variant covers for its October 26th issue. Each magazine cover features images of 12 unique artist sticker designs with a corresponding usable sticker sheet on the inside.

48 Artists Create “I Voted” Stickers

all 48 artist “I Voted” stickers

We just love this idea brought to our attention by Advertising’s Rob Schwartz. Since the various State issued “I Voted” stickers get proudly shared by many on social media, the people over at New York magazine along with non-partisan group I am A Voter smartly invited 48 artist to design their version of the “I Voted” sticker and in turn made that into 4 different collectible magazine covers, each with their own sheet of corresponding sticker designs.The stickers include contributions from many of the artists we have featured on If It’s Hip, It’s Here. Shepard Fairey, KAWS, Barbara Kruger, Tawny Chaptmon, Amy Sherald, Marilyn Minter, and many more.

Collectible Cover Option A (sold out)
by artist Nancy Chunn
by artist Katherine Bernhardt
by artist Alfred Conteh
by artist Bisa Butler
by artist Tawny Chatmon
Collectible Cover Option B (sold out)
by artist David Hammons
by artist KAWS
by artist Yashua Klos
by artist Sean Landers
Collectible Cover Option C
by artist Peter Paid
by artist Shaina “Wallflower” McCoy
by artist José Parla
by artist Toyin Ojih Odutola
Collectible Cover Option D
by artist Amy Sherald
by artist Lorna Simpson
by artist Hiba Schahbaz
by artist Laurie Simmons

The Participating Artists (all but 5 are on Instagram):
Artists: @tshopsin, @lauriesimmons, @lornasimpson, @hankwillisthomas, Rirkrit Tiravanija, @samevernon, @zzdesign @joseparla, @pendleton.adam, @steveespopowers, @dukerileystudio, @rdeborah191, @jamilaelsahili, @hiba_schahbaz, @asherald, @cindysherman, @devanshimoyama @zarialynn, @juworkingonprojects, @rico_gatson, David Hammons, @nsrgnts, @debkass, @kaws, @chrisunkim, @yashuared, Barbara Kruger, @adamjk, @seanland81 @glennligon, @yenimao, @championsdesign, @shantell_martin, @wallflowermccoy @evergoldprojects, Julie Mehretu, @theduanemichals, @marilynminter, @toyinojihodutola, @peterpaidnyc@derrickadamsny, @kbernhardt2014, @bisabutler @claireolivergallery, @tawnychatmon, Nancy Chunn, @aaconteh, @dreyfus.art, @obeygiant, @baronvonfancy

Created in collaboration with the nonpartisan organization I Am a Voter, the 4 special edition covers are available for pre-order here However, A and B have already sold out at the time this post was written.