A Faux Font Fragrance for Designers: $28 Helvetica Perfume.

helvetica perfume

Helvetica The Perfume is the brainchild of Meg Paradise & Faun Chapin, the founders of design and branding studio, Guts & Glory.

The inspiration for the limited edition scent, which is really only distilled water in great packaging, is the classic sans serif typeface Helvetica designed in 1957 by Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffmann. A long time favorite of designers, the font has already inspired a Hotel and a line of Watches.

Initially offered at $62, the price for the second batch is only $28. Seems they wised up and realized that a gag gift- even a well-designed one- has to be somewhat affordable.

Helvetica Perfume

• Numbered limited edition
• 24k gold printing on bottle
• Typeset in Helvetica Bold
• Letterpressed exterior packaging
• Contains 2 oz of distilled water

$28 USD, buy it here

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