Hats Off To Thom Browne and Stephen Jones For Some Seriously Strange Headwear.

thom browne FW mens hats 9 IIHIH

Thom Browne’s menswear collection for Fall Winter 2014 is both sartorial and satirical, to say the least. Ragged edge plaids, giant fat silhouette suits and autumnal leaf camo face make-up were topped off, literally, as they walked down the runway by unusual grey flannel and plaid hats and headgear in the shapes of animals. Rabbits as top hats, masks, caps and eyepatches, elephant heads, badger and frog caps, pinstripe bowlers as bears, hunting caps with antlers, driving caps with eyes and cage-like construction. There’s even a Bear with a salmon in its mouth as a hat. Designed by Browne, the hats were made with the help of well-known milliner Stephen Jones.

above: Stephen Jones adjusts the elephant hat backstage before the Thom Browne runway show

I do not believe the hats are available for purchase, but instead just complemented the new collection on the runway. No words can do these imaginative textile hats justice, you just have to see them. So here they are:

The rest of the collection is absolutely wild, here’s just a peek:

See the entire menswear collection at Thom Browne
photos courtesy of the designer with some additional photos courtesy of Liam Goslett

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