Inflatable Furniture Has Grown Up. And Look At It Now.

grown-up inflatable furniture

It was over a decade ago when we introduced you to inflatable furniture that took the notion of blow-up chairs a little further. As you can imagine, inflatable furniture has grown up a lot since then out of both necessity and novelty. We found some that look good enough and sophisticated enough to use as permanent indoor or outdoor pieces.

Grown-Up Inflatable Furniture

Blow-up Bolster Armchair with wood frame (other colors available)

Grown-Up Inflatable Furniture didn’t exist decades ago. Sure there were bubble chairs and substantial air beds and sofas, but they all sat on the floor, leaked easily and were, frankly, just plain ugly.

Clear Home Design, established in 2019, is a collection of lucite and glass home furnishings made all over the globe and curated by Interior Designer Tracey Butler. In addition to the online store’s abundant furnishings in acrylic, lucite and glass is their range of contemporary grown-up inflatable furniture.

Blow-up sofas, armchairs and ottomans come with wood frames for style and support

What makes them stand out were the frames, complete with legs, that cradled the pillow-like pieces.  The frames lift them from the floor, adding support and style you don’t expect with blow-up furniture while making them suitable for full grown adults.

Pink blow-up armchair with metal frame

The inflatable furniture is made of UV-treated PVC that’s thicker than a swimming pool liner, and is rated for fire resistance. Most pieces shown are available in multiple colorways.

Inflatable furniture sets, shown in grey, with metal and wood frames

Blow-up sofa, armchair and ottoman with wood frames in blue.
Green blow-up sofa and armchair with metal frames

Shop the inflatable furniture collections at Clear Home Design

all images courtesy of Clear Home Design

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