The Gradient Omena Chair Inspired by the Colors of Michigan

The Omena chair is a nice-looking new contemporary oak wood side chair. But what makes this chair especially beautiful is that it’s available in five subtle and sophisticated colored gradients inspired by nature from the state in which is was crafted.

Gradient Omena Chair

The Gradient Omena Chair is available from Leland Furniture, a design and manufacturing studio in Michigan heavily influenced by the state’s beautiful colors, forms and overall spirit. They have a lovely selection of well-designed pieces for professional and residential use based upon their believe that “The furniture we sit, work, and lounge on should feel as natural as the air we breathe, and organic in the space it inhabits.”

Hand finishing the Omena chair at Leland.

The Omena chair was designed by Will Oltman of 2B studio for Leland Furniture. It’s an oak side chair with a midcentury modern design aesthetic. A subtly curved seat and smooth back with four splayed wooden legs, it would fit wonderfully in any minimal, modern or Danish style interior. While it’s available in a bleached oak, a black finish and upholstered options, it’s the new gradient options designed by Leland that turn the chair from an attractive chair to a beautiful one.  The five colors were derived from their own surroundings in Michigan – a palette referencing the Blue Sky, Dawn, Forest, Gravel, and Heather found in the area.

Blue Sky Gradient 

Forest Gradient 

Gravel Gradient 

Dawn Gradient 

Heather Gradient 

According to 2B Studio, the design team behind Omena, “There has been a movement to bring outdoor elements into the places where we work and play.” Harnessing this philosophy, 2B Studio created our organic-feeling collection of chairs and stools. And now, our new gradient options are embracing the same idea of bringing the outside world inside. – Leland Furniture

applying Blue Sky gradient to the legs of the Omena chair

The five gradient options shown below bring the chair a step closer to popular movement of merging the outside world with the inside when it comes to interior design. They are also applying the gradients to some of their tables.

Omena Chair: left, in oak; right, shown in the five optional gradients.

Visit Leland Furniture to inquire about the Omena chair and gradient options.

all images courtesy of Leland Furniture