Got Your Nose! Jewelry Cast From Your Dog or Cat’s Nose In Sterling Silver.

jewelry cast From Your Dog or Cat's Nose

Incredible Things posted these fabulous custom pet pendants cast from the noses of dogs and cats the other day, so I simply had to dig a little deeper. And I’m glad I did or I’d never have discovered handmade jewelry designer Jackie Kaufman and her Rock My World, Inc.

Jewelry cast from your Dog or Cat’s nose

Even better, these unusual pieces are made from “recycled” sterling silver. The jewelry is crafted from a major jewelry firm that no longer sells their items. Jackie “recycles” the silver by taking the jewelry pieces, melting them down and repouring the silver to make new pieces.

Cat Nose:

Dog Nose:

Using the lost wax cast process, Jackie will not only immortalize your beloved pet’s nose as a pendant, but also as sterling silver keychains and belt buckles!

Sterling Silver Custom Cast Cat and Dog Nose keychains:

Custom Dog Nose Sterling Silver Belt Buckle:

The backs of the pieces are inscribed with your pet’s name:

Jackie creates many forms of fabulous handcast sterling silver jewelry including human fingerprints and more. Be sure to see all her stunning work at her etsy store here.