Gorjue Lipsticks: Food Inspired Makeup and Miniatures in One.

gorjue lipsticks

Hungry for a good beauty product? The brainchild of a NY-based Mother Daughter duo, Gorjue lipsticks will satisfy your appetite for makeup, food and all things creative in one adorable and affordable package. The seriously good looking palette of lip colors, inspired by various foods, have tube designs that brilliantly includes Japanese food miniatures.

Gorjue Food-Inspired Lipsticks

While watching an online make-up tutorial together, a food-loving Mom with an appreciation for aesthetics and her makeup-loving daughter experienced an Ah-hah! moment. Remarking on how the the lipstick color on the guru’s lips looked like hotdog, Maesa Koeber’s daughter got her thinking…Why not make a cosmetics line that mimics colors and foods from around the world, including a New York Hotdog Lipstick?

model wearing Gorjue’s New York Hot Dog (cream)

After putting in a lot of hard work, fierce passion and imagination for upwards of two years, that Ah Hah! moment has manifested itself into a brand named Gorjue.

The two women launched the collection of matte and cream lip colors inspired by food in tubes that contain tiny Re-Ment-like foods at the base of the lipstick container.

Gorjue New York Hot Dog Lipstick packaging
Gorjue Salmon Nigiri Lipstick packaging
Gorjue Southern Fried Chicken Lipstick packaging

Sold individually in matte (cylindrical tubes) or cream colors (squared base tubes), the lipsticks are also available in the cleverly grouped sets shown below:

The Breakfast Club
New Jersey Pancake Matte
Fakin Bacon Matte

Asian Foodie Fusion
Send Noods Matte
Shrimp Fried Rice Matte
Salmon Nigiri Matte
Spicy Tuna Roll Matte
Eggroll Matte

Bunch of Fast Food
California Burger Matte
Taco Tuesday Matte
NY Hotdog Matte
Cheese Pizza Matte
Southern Fried Chicken Matte

Foodie Beauty Bundle
California Burger Cream
NY Hotdog Cream
Southern Fried Chicken Cream
Salmon Nigiri Cream
Spicy Tuna Roll Cream

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