Google’s Umamiland is a Trip into the World of Japanese Cuisine!

google umamiland

Google has launched Umamiland, an interactive site that is part game and part education. It lets you explore and learn all about the World of Japanese Cuisine. A virtual world of noodle soups, rice dishes, seafood, meats and confections, its a trip both literally and figuratively.

Google Umamiland

Hosted by a friendly anthropomorphized ball of sushi rice, there are five worlds to explore once you land on Main Rice Street. In each world you’ll see various question marks. Once clicked upon, a description of the dish appears and gives you the option to either ‘learn more’ or find a restaurant near you that serves it.

As you explore each colorful world, you find and learn about more dishes and earn badges useful for free downloads. Little tasks and challenges make the experience more engaging.

Below are a few views of each of the five lands in Umamiland:

Main Rice Street
Another view of Main Rice Street

From there you can travel to Long Valley (noodle dishes), Sizzle Yokocho (meat), Savory Bay (seafood) and the Sweet Kingdom (desserts).

Long Valley
Another view of Long valley
Sizzle Yokocho
Another view of Sizzle Yokocho
Sweet Kingdom
Another view of Sweet Kingdom

As you click on each question mark in each “land”, you will not only learn about the dish, but then have the opportunity to find where it is available near you.

You can find a pdf explaining each of the dishes here

In each land you are tasked with finding certain dishes to gain badges (useful in the ‘gift shop’ for free animated downloads and wallpapers).

If you complete the game (I did, I had to… I’m writing this post), little fireworks go off at the end.

Both smart and savory, Umamiland makes learning about food fun and finding restaurants that serve it easy.

Start playing here.

A great idea I’d love to see expand into other cuisines!

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