Google Honors International Women’s Day With More Than Just A Doodle

Google Honors International Women’s Day with both a lovely typographic Google Doodle as well as an impressively comprehensive section on Women in Culture featuring female innovators and pioneers in every imaginable subject.

Google Honors International Women’s Day

Today’s Google Doodle, honoring International Women’s Day, might have caught your attention with its fun typography and inspiring quotes- but that’s just the tip of the female iceberg. Their Arts & Culture section is filled with fascinating stories and images of women who have left their mark on our world.

But first, the quotes and typographic art from today’s Google Doodle:

From innovative artists and pioneering scientists, to the women who campaigned for universal suffrage and social equality – Google along with collaborating companies, explore the far-ranging impact women have had on all aspects of culture:

And there’s so much more to explore! Women in Art, Fashion, Space, Action and much much more. This wonderfully vast collection of stories, facts and inspiring quotes about Women in Culture comes from Google, in collaboration with the following companies:

and can be found here.

So much more to explore here