Atomic, Googie and Mid Century Modern Inspired Art by Fred Arndt.

art by fred arndt

Frederick Arndt of Saginaw, Michigan uses a intricate cutting technique to create new, original wall art and housewares that reflect the retro designs and signage of Mid Century Modern, Googie and Atomic art and architecture genres.

Art by Fred Arndt

Wood Wall Art
Working in predominantly wood, his wonderful wall pieces are reminiscent of the metal work of C. Jeré – had they been commissioned by the Jetsons.

Cut from hardwoods such as Black Walnut and Mahogany, his pieces encompass everything from retro Rocket and Space art to futuristic depictions of Cities to abstracted Mid Century design icons like ovals and starbursts.

Metal Wall Art
Fred also creates several pieces in metal, but with a higher price tag:

Wood Trivets
And his fabulous Mid Century Modern and Atomic wood trivets, which can be displayed or used:

Mid Century Modern Christmas Ornaments
I’m so bummed I wasn’t aware of his enormous selection of fabulous Mid Century Modern Christmas ornaments until after the holidays!

Wood Fretwork Collages
His Fretwork collages of nostalgic road signs that accompanied Googie architecture for Diners, Bowling Alleys and Hotels are some of my favorites.

Fred is incredibly prolific. I can hardly show you all of his work, so be sure to check it out yourself.

He has over 500 items for sale in his etsy store. He also sells on Food52 and Custom Made.