Gilding The Carnivore. Human and Animal Skulls Dipped In 24kt Gold.

above: Eduardo Garza’s Warthog Skull dipped in 24kt gold, 16″L x 9″W x 9″H, 9 lbs, $8,448

In addition to his luxurious bookends, cabinet knobs, napkin rings, trays, boxes and objets d’art, Eduardo Garza dips replicas of full adult-sized Human, Gorilla, Tiger, Alligator, Warthog and Saber Tooth skulls – and a Shark’s jaw – in real 24k gold to make a decorative object that is hard to ignore.

above: the artist with one of his pieces

To give you an example of the size and weight of these pieces, the Human Skull and Jawbone dipped in 24k gold (shown below), measures 8″L x 5″W x 6″H and weighs approx. 5lbs.

Shown here are his museum quality adult skull replicas (and in some cases, authentic) dipped in 24kt, but they are also available dipped in nickel. They can be mounted or not and the base is not permanently attached. Each piece is handmade in New York by Eduardo and signed especially for the purchaser. Prices range from $1,700 to $9,000 USD and can be purchased in his online store.

Alligator Skull (replica) dipped in 24kt gold:

Tiger Skull (replica) dipped in 24k gold:

Authentic Shark Jaw dipped in 24k gold:

Gorilla Skull (replica) dipped in 24k gold:

Saber Tooth Cat Sull (replica) dipped in 24k gold:

Human Skull (replica) dipped in 24k gold:

Garza is known for his sculptural crystal and gemstone gilded items for the home carried in high-end department stores and luxury boutiques.

Artist Biography:

Harvard-educated Eduardo Garza is passionately dedicated to his cultured organic creations and with his studio located in New York City. However, his inspirations are drawn from fantastical, surreal, and global worlds.

Eduardo captures moments of wonder in nature through his truly unique works of art. These marvelous ideas come to the artist through his dreams, deeply rooted heritage and, through his modern interpretation of nature. His creations have gained Eduardo a loyal following among prestigious art connoisseurs including renowned jewelers Harry Winston, celebrity collectors and royals from around the world.

Using only the highest quality and ethically sourced materials, Garza moulds his dreams into wonderful unique and fantastical creations. His work adorns the homes of the world’s most influential arbiters of style, including Prime Ministers, Nobel Prize winners and international notables. (courtesy of

Eduardo Garza creates wonderful pieces which have come to the attention of discerning art lovers all over the globe. For more information please contact them at