Home Decor For The Chronic Inclined – The Giant Stash Pillowcase.

giant stash pillowcae

Turn your throw pillows into giant bags of weed with this Giant Stash Pillowcase from Steelplant.

Steelplant Giant Stash Pillowcase

I introduced you to Steelplant before to share their first product, a Graffiti Desktop Dumpster that could be used as a planter or for storage. This latest humorous addition to the Steelplant line of home products was funded by people like yourself via kickstarter.

Front (shown with insert):

Backside (shown with insert):

213 backers pledged a total of $9,496, exceeding Ryan Christensen’s $7,000 goal needed to produce The Giant Stash Pillowcase. The pillowcase features a high-quality, digitally printed photo of a sealed plastic bag full of marijuana marked “Sour Diesel” (a popular strain of Cannabis) on the front. The back is also printed as if it were the backside of the baggie. The textile upon which the images are printed has just the right amount of sheen to simulate a plastic baggie full of buds.

The 17″W x 19″H sized case is designed for a 18″-20″ insert:

The zipper is placed exactly where the interlocking ziplock pouch would seal:

The pillowcase is lined in black and has a hidden zippered stash pocket:

Choose from several different strains of weed pillowcases from Steelplant here

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