Gelatin Lamps Look Just Like Revolting Vintage Jell-O Recipes

gelatin lamps by elrod

Artist Elrod of Mexakitsch has perfected the art of creating some of the most disgusting gelatin recipes from the 50s and casting them in resin, turning them into functional table lamps!

Gelatin Lamps by Elrod

Artist Elrod with one of her Gelatin Lamps
Artist Elrod with one of her Gelatin Lamps

Looking exactly like the unappealing mid-20th century aspic creations from gelatin brands Knox and Jell-O (as well as  vintage Good Housekeeping) recipes, these handmade resin lamps not only cast a kitschy glow but, look closely and you’ll see some of them even include a little colorful glitter in them.

gelatin lamps by elrod

Elrod gelatin art

From hot dogs and Spaghettio’s in aspic to the classic lobster mold, artist Elrod has adroitly turned the most disgusting mid-20th century concoctions into functional table lamps.

hot dog spaghettio jello lamp

gelatin lamps

jell-o lamps

Gelatin lamp8 detail

Working in layers, she uses real frozen food cast in resin and hand crafts the garnishes to look like the real thing. The sculptures are then outfitted with LED lighting and placed upon cake stands or pedestals.

jello desserts as lamps

hot dog veggie aspic lamp

hot dog veggie aspic lamp

resin jell-o lamps

Yes, resin casted gelatin lamps! I imagine these being real centerpieces at your retro dinner party or maybe a permanent fixture in your own kitschy kitchen! I just thought it would be cool to see art that was not only exciting, but also functional. I wanted to see something pretty but also gross- so here we are! -Elrod

resin gelatin lamp

hot dog veggie aspic lamp4

lobster jello mold light

elrod jell-o lamps

mexakitsch resin lamps

gelatin lamp made of resin

gelatin lamps by elrod

To purchase these one-of-a-kind pieces, you must contact her directly through her website or social media accounts. See links below.


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all images courtesy of Elrod and Mexakistch

A big thank you to Dara Hellman for bringing these to my attention!