Hey Fornasetti Fanatics! More Fun Collaborations & Custom Designs

Fornasetti Collaborations & Custom designs

I previously wrote a long post on Fornasetti and many of their products almost exactly two years ago. It’s time for an update because many of those same companies, as well as private clients, have come out with more fun Fornasetti products.

Fornasetti Collaborations & Custom Designs

There are wonderful new Fornasetti collaborations, Re-editions and Re-inventions facilitated by Barnaba Fornasetti, who continues the tradition begun by his father, Pietro Fornasetti.

Barnaba Fornasetti

The combining of talents provides us with wallpapers from Cole & Son, rugs from Roubini, Betony Vernon jewelry, Bardelli ceramic wall tiles, Bitossi ceramic vases, Dishes for Barney’s, custom designs and Re-inventions and Re-editions that even include a Fender guitar and a radiator.

So sit back and get ready to scroll, because here they all are.

Kartell Fornasetti Eros chairs (‘Identità Violata’) by Philippe Starck:

Cole & Son Fornasetti wallpapers; Ex libris, Iconica and Pansees:

Riflesso and Bohemia:

Nuovolo and Seatto macco:

Roubini Fornasetti rugs; Ortensia:


Teatro Romano:

Buono Notte:


Hiroko Hayashi Fornasetti Wallet and Handbag:


wallet interior:


Wall and floor tiles from Ceramica Bardelli:

Ceramic vases from Bitossi:

More Julia plates for Barney’s:

Really great Fornasetti custom, re-edition and re-invented products for various clients:

Chairs for a ski lodge in Gstaad:

Custom fender Fornasetti guitar:

Sideboard with brass feet:

Curved front chest of drawers with brass feet and drawer pulls:

Kiss cabinet:


Dining table:

Dining chairs:

An enclosed workout gym:

Magazine racks:

Eyeglass box:

Enclosed bar:

Drafting desk:

And lastly, jewelry designer Bettony Vernon (about whose erotic jewelry I have blogged), has a Fornasetti collection of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings:

A private apartment in Milan filled with Fornasetti products:

Via Manzoni, 45 – Milano 20121
Tel:+39 02 6592341
E-Mail: showroom@fornasetti.com
Fornasetti’s Official Site.

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