When Nature Calls, Clark Sorensen Answers With Flower Urinals.

Clark Made pink corsage orchid urinal IIHIH

I once had a boyfriend who referred to urinating as “shaking the dew off his lily.” That phrase came to mind once I saw these high fired porcelain hand painted urinals impressively sculpted in the shapes of flowers and plants.

Artist Clark Sorensen designs and expertly crafts unique urinals (and sinks) that bring a little nature into the bathroom. If Georgia O’Keefe peed standing up, I’m sure she’d have one of these in her home.

above: Clark Sorensen in his studio, photo by Erin Noble

Sorensen’s pieces are fully functioning porcelain fixtures that can be plumbed and used in private or commercial settings. Each urinal is unique as he does not use molds to create his pieces. Sorensen utilizes an exacting coil building method, adding a small amount of clay each day over a series of weeks before the pieces are ready to dry. The drying process can take from 3-8 months, depending on the size. The pieces are then fired twice, and what results are durable, commercial-grade urinals that you won’t find anywhere else.

All urinal sculptures are fitted with a spud (a metal fitting that connects the porcelain unit to the plumbing pipes). The spud consists of a standard 1.5-inch drain connector and .75-inch flush valve connection. Flush valve connections can be located on the top of the piece (for standard flush mechanisms which mount above the urinal) or on the back of the piece (for in-wall flush mechanisms). In-wall flush mechanisms require access behind the wall where the urinal will be placed. Please consult a plumber or plumbing supplier prior to ordering. Flush mechanisms are not included in the piece. For more information about flush mechanisms, visit Sloan Valve Company.

Most of them are custom made to order, but he does sell some finished pieces on his website.

Please note, the images and information in this post were used with Clark Sorensen’s personal written permission and are not to be used without his approval. Please link back to this post should you choose to share his work. Thank you.

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