Someone Had A Lot of Fun Naming These Fireworks

Fireworks with Bizarre Names

I always thought that naming lipstick colors would be a fun gig, but I’d never have thought the same about Fireworks until I saw these. Of course there are many types of fireworks that have patriotic names and references to bombs, explosives and blasts. And as you might suspect, there are a few with names that might offend. But then there are these… random, bizarre and in some cases, just damn funny.

Fireworks With Bizarre Names

Bad Like Crab

As a dog owner, the Fourth of July is a nightmare. The sound of fireworks sends my adorable dog  trembling under the bed, reluctant to come out until the next day. But the displays can be beautiful and the sale of fireworks are still legal in most states. So, if you’re gonna go out and light ’em up, consider some of these… just for the names and/or packaging.

Camel Toe
Blonde Joke
Shrooms of Destruction
Bitch Betta Have My Hunny
Golden Shower
Poopy Puppy
Fire In The Hole
Swimmin Wit Da Fishes
Neighbor Hater
The Good Shit (shown at top)

To see which states allow which types of fireworks, visit here.

Have a Happy Fourth of July!

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