Enough is Enough. It’s Time To Take Action.

Take Action Against Guns

We usually don’t discuss politics seriously on this blog, but we cannot stand what is happening in this country. At the risk of losing some of our readers, we are taking a stand. It’s no secret that this is a liberal blog. We’ve poked fun at President Trump too many times to count. But the recent mass-shootings in this country directly reflect the hatred incited by our leader and his supporters with his border wall, his “go back” and other racist rhetoric, his refusal to stand up to the NRA and his White Nationalist Ideology.

Enough is Enough

It’s time to take action against guns, hate and the man inciting them.

‘Go Back’: Trump Tweets at Congresswomen of Color

Here are the perpetrators of the most deadly mass-shootings in the USA since 2012*. Not one was an immigrant. They didn’t arrive in a caravan illegally across the border. They are born and bred Americans filled with hate or suffering from mental illness (and in most cases, both). They are the biggest threat to this country. Them and President Trump.

Mass murderers Santino William LeGan and Ian David Long
Mass Murderers Conor Betts and Patrick Crusius
Mass murderers Robert D. Bowers and Dimitrios Pagourtzis
Mass Murderers Ncolas Cruz and Devin Patrick Kelley
murderers Omar Mateen and Stephen Craig Paddock
Mass murderers Adam Lanza and James Holmes
mass murderers Syed Rizwan Farook and DeWayne Craddock

*in 2015 there were 2 more mass-shootings: Christopher Sean Harper-Mercer killed 9 at a Community College in Roseburg, Oregon and Dylann Roof also killed 9 people inside the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, in Charleston, South Carolina

Wake up America. Prayers haven’t fixed this. A border wall won’t fix this. Our present gun laws won’t fix this. The NRA won’t fix this. It’s up to you. Demand Gun Reform Now. Demand Help for the Mentally Ill. And most importantly, demand a President who isn’t making the problem worse with hateful rhetoric.

It’s time to do something about it. The links below are a start.
• Find out who represents you in Congress here.
• Need To Impeach
• Impeach Trump
• Everytown for Gun Safety
• Moms Demand Action
• The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
• States United to Prevent Gun Violence
• Health Resources for the Mentally Ill

#gunreformnow #impeachtrump

artwork at top by Adam K. Fujita, aka @adamfu

You can find more facts and details on the deadliest mass-shootings in America here and here

Take Action Against Guns

Take action against gun violence and support The Brady Organization here