Dragon Ball Z Lamps Are Awesome Anime Illumination.

Dragon Ball Z Lamps

Juan Tinzun is getting a lot of attention for his custom made Dragon Ball Z Lamps that he sells online. The functional and fun table lamps have Japanese anime fans all over the world lit up with excitement.

Dragon Ball Z Lamps

The pop culture lamps are custom made by combining a globe light bulb with a Goku figure from the popular cartoon TV show Dragon Ball Z atop a matte black-painted, reclaimed wooden lamp base.

They are sold as either pre-made table lamps, DIY kits that contain the three necessary parts (bulb, stand and figure) needed or you can merely buy the lamp stand and bulb only and add whatever you’d like.

above: the $99 DIY kits contain the figure, bulb and base

LitUpInteriorDesign is Los Angeles-based Juan Tinzun’s etsy store that specializes in unique upcycled and repurposed lamps that are truly one of a kind pieces. Everything from bottle lamps (their specialty) to steampunk, industrial, kid, baby, modern, contemporary to minimalist lamps and everything in between.

PS. They also have a custom Naruto figure lamp, a manga character from the books, movie and video games:

Shop for these and more at the etsy store here

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