Yes, It’s A Dog-Shaped Scratching Post For Cats!

Dog-Shaped Scratching Post

Designed by Erik Stehmann for soonsalon, DOG is a dog-shaped scratching post for cats in two colors and two sizes that is shaped like, you guessed it… a dog.

Dog-Shaped Scratching Post

DOG is both funny and functional. He’ll keep your cat’s claws off the furniture and allow kitty to release their pent up frustration on their natural enemy.

Made of sisal and polyester, DOG comes in either ivory or black and stands over 2′ tall. Also available is PUP,  a smaller version, only in ivory.

DOG weighs about 30 lbs (PUP weighs 17.5 lbs) so even if your cat pounces on them,  they won’t fall over.


In a very time-consuming process, every inch of the rope is glued to the base, resulting in a durable and long-lasting scratching post.

Cats absolutely love it. Take a look at these customer photos sent to the designer (courtesy of his facebook page):

What a great Christmas present for kitty!

DOG dimensions: 88cm x 28cm x 71 cm   (34.6″ x 11″ x 28″)
Weight: approx 13,5 kg  (29-30 lbs)
Material: polyester, sisal


PUP Dimensions: 62cm x 23cm x 47 cm
Weight: 8 Kg
Material: Polyester, Sisal

UPDATE: One of the bummers about finding and sharing unusual and independently produced items is that they don’t stick around for long. As of December 2018, I could not longer find where this product is available.

I found three different prices for DOG:
• Buy it for €669.00 direct from soonsalon here
• or direct from the designer for €649,00 here
• or for less – €552.90 (not including shipping cost) from Questo Design here

And PUP, which costs €349,00, is available exclusively here

SOONSALON co-operates with young international designers/artists and aims for worldwide distribution of remarkable design products.

Erik Stehmann

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