Designer Condoms. The Fashionable Prophylactic From Proper Attire.

Proper Attire Condoms

If you’ve yet to hear of Proper Attire condoms, the fashionable prophylactic, it won’t be long now. Especially with the latest news, via MTV news, that Lady Gaga will soon be joining Jeremy Scott in hyping the designer’s collection for the brand.

Proper Attire Condoms

With twelve glamorous collections, many by fashion designers and all shown below, Proper Attire are a safe yet fun way to protect yourself and your partner and do it with style.

Take a look at the collections:

Jeremy Scott, Attire Sheer (ultra thin), Dots (studded) and Ribbed (ribbed) and Jeremy himself:

Keith Haring, Sheer (ultra thin):

Alexander Wang, Assorted (extra large, ultra thin and studded):

Opening Ceremony (regular):

Yigal Azrouël, Sheer (ultra thin) and Brian Reyes, Sheer (ultra thin):

And, of course.. Basic (regular); Color (colored); Dots (studded); XL (extra large);

Their print ad campaign:

The site also has a large collection of t-shirts by American Apparel.

Not only are you protecting your health by buying Proper attire condoms, you are also supporting a great cause. Proceeds from the sale of Proper Attire condoms will benefit Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

Reliable and effective, Proper Attire condoms not only are FDA-tested, but they undergo rigorous quality assurance testing by the manufacturer as well as by independent laboratories
Buy them here.

all images shown courtesy of Proper Attire and Opening Ceremony

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