Control +Alt+Delete by Denial

Canadian Pop and Graffiti artist Daniel Bombardier, aka DENIAL, is presently exhibiting his first solo show at the Vs. Gallery in Melbourne, Australia. The show titled CONTROL + ALT + DELETE is a an exhibition that examines our perception of consumerism, fed to us through through advertising and branding, in an attempt to start a new dialogue about Capitalism and corporate values.


The artist also painted the gallery’s exterior for the show

A common subject among today’s pop artists, DENIAL criticizes corporate power, consumerism, social media and its effect on the human condition in CONTROL + ALT + DELETE.  Appropriating recognizable icons and imagery, DENIAL adds a visual twist, subverting established corporations, institutions and undermining politics. The result is a variety of mixed media pieces, limited edition screen prints and wood-panel aerosol paintings that provoke re-examination.


DENIAL’s “Shelf Medication”  (below), made with aerosol on framed wood panels, is a series reminiscent of artist Edie Nadelhaft’s Better Living Through Chemistry .

Artworks in the show include manipulation of Ralph Lauren’s Polo icon, of the Coca Cola logo, and of the MTV logo.

Other pieces in the show:

Video by Nik Ranger of the opening of Canadian artist DENIAL at VS. GALLERY in Richmond, Melbourne

DENIAL also employs a small team of talented artists to aid in the production of larger scale projects and empowering them to create their own original works. Using guerrilla-marketing techniques, DENIAL maintains a prolific street campaign of over 500,000 stickers, placards, and murals posted and painted worldwide. The artist spends much of the year traveling and exhibiting throughout Canada, the United States, and abroad.
DENIAL on Instagram 

CONTROL+ALT+DELETE runs through March 17th  at the Vs. Gallery

Some of the pieces from the show are available at the Gallery’s online store here 
images courtesy of the VS. Gallery and the artist

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