Delectably Disturbing Fall Menswear Collection From Walter Van Beirendonck.

When it comes to Delectably Disturbing Menswear, The Fall Winter 2012/13 collection from Belgium fashion designer Walter Van Beirendonck, Lust Never Sleeps, is way up there. It’s akin to a bizarre blend of Friday The 13th’s Jason, A Clockwork Orange’s Droogs and the artwork of Ellsworth Kelly. And like a car wreck, it’s virtually impossible to look away. Don’t get me wrong, the collection is far from a tragic accident. Impeccably crafted and finely tailored, the bizarre pieces are made with very high quality materials and the overall look is imaginative, if not artful.

Delectably Disturbing Menswear by Walter Van Beirendonck

above: the invitation to the show

Leather face masks, bowlers, knit caps, fedoras, caps, cowboy hats, hip waders, coveralls, thigh high boots, and gloves are paired with tailored suits, color-blocked sweaters and vests in bright, graphic Pez-colored combinations. Mohair, plaids and other interesting textiles blend into the collection of Pop Art-like suits.

Fetish references punctuated the line of whimsical and macabre menswear, such as whip-like canes, black rubber padlock necklaces or tufted fur fingernails on leather gloves.

But frankly, nothing speaks like pictures.

The designer, Walter Van Beirendonck:

images courtesy of Fashion Mag and WWD

Walter Van Beirendonck