Davone Audio’s Newest Speakers, Ray, Are An Homage To The Eames Lounge

davone audio eames speakers

Davone Audio Ray Speakers are housed in a bowed walnut wood veneer and set atop metal legs. Similar in color, design and style to the iconic lounge chair by Charles and Ray Eames, the speakers are named “Ray” an obvious nod to the designers of the famous chair.

Davone Audio Ray Speakers

Davone Audio of Denmark has just finished designing and producing their second luxurious set of high-end loudpeakers following Rithm: the Ray Speakers.

An homage to Midcentury Modern designers Ray and Charles Eames, the speakers have a distinct mcm vibe and match perfectly with the Eames’ most iconic piece of furniture, The Eames Lounge and Ottoman.

The iconic Eames Lounge chair and ottoman:
davone audio ray speakers

Making the bowed veneers for the housing of the equipment:
davone audio ray speakers

Detailed shots of the Ray Speakers:
ray speakers details
davone audio ray speakers
davone audio ray speakers

The first set of finished speakers have just been sent to New York to appear as a prop in an upcoming major motion picture that will be released in 2011*.

*Update: the Ray speakers are now available for purchase, priced at 2499 Euros per piece including stand. Visit Davone Audio for specs and stockists.

Below is their first set of loudspeakers, the Rithm:

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