These Glass Bonsai Trees by Simone Crestani Are Sublime.

blown glass bonsai trees

Simone Crestani has more than just a feeling for glass, he has a passion. Having learned the complex techniques of working with glass at a young age, he has since mastered the art, pushing the boundaries of the medium while maintaining a control that allows him to create objects of extraordinary and unique beauty.

Simone Crestani Glass Bonsai Trees

Simone Crestani with his Bonsai in his studio

Employing the lampworking technique to borosilicate glass, he has created a series of beautiful Bonsai and Blossoming Bonsai trees upon solid bases. Because each individual Bonsai work is made by hand, no two are alike.

His technique allows him to create large pieces while at the same time, concentrate on the smallest of details, resulting in glass objets d’art that almost appear infused with life. Branches appear to stretch towards the light, blossoms look as though they may wither and fall off.

The Blossom Bonsai

Prices for the Blossom Bonsai range from €2.200 to €5.600 and can be purchased here

The bonsai is a concentration of life, it overcomes the barrier of size and expresses strength and energy; it is a work of art that is never finished, in which nature continues to develop and evolve. I shape the material, but the end result has an identity of its own. I help it to grow, and wait until it gives me an indication of the equilibrium that will allow it to express itself. – Simone Crestani

Glass Bonsai

Simone Crestani

Prices for the clear Glass Bonsai pieces range from €1.800 to €4.500 and can be purchased through his own online store here.

You can also find several of his glass Bonsai pieces here at Sandra Ains Gallery

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