The New Cosmo Electric Guitar from Verso Instruments

cosmo electric guitar

A new kind of electric guitar, Cosmo is simple, versatile and sustainably produced with a unique magnetic system that allows for easily moveable and interchangeable pickups.

Cosmo Electric Guitar

Verso Instruments has launched Cosmo, a new approach in electric guitar design.

Cosmo’s core feature is its interchangeable magnetic pickup system. Sounds complex, but it’s wonderfully simple: the magnetic pickups stay on the sheet metal surface by themselves.

Without making any compromises in sound, playability and ergonomics, the instrument is reduced to a simple modern design, constructed in Germany at a reasonable price.

Cosmo sounds like a solid body guitar should sound – rich in overtones with the right amount of pressure and warmth. It doesn’t sound “tinny” at all in the trebles. The massive brass riders on the neck of the bridge give Cosmo the typical twang and power of an electric guitar with a massive body.

The long neck creates a sustain similar to an archetypal guitar. Because of the sheet metal, body resonance is now audible which adds nice acoustic like overtones. The individual timbre depends on the pickup used and its position. In addition, the bent sheet metal body of the electric guitar serves as a very effective grounding and shielding – placing the arm on the body has the same noise-reducing effect as touching the strings.

The Magnet Mount Pickups use neodymium magnets and were especially designed and manufactured for Cosmo. They stick to the metal body and can be moved around, allowing you to experiment with sound.

Moving it towards the treble or bass strings also reduces or amplifies them partially. If the pickup is off the strings, the instrument sounds distant and dreamy. Learn more about the pick-ups here

From the wood neck to the sheet metal body to every single pickup – is made by Robin Stummvoll in its workshop in Kassel in the centre of Germany.

The laser cutting and powder coating of the sheet metal is done by local craftsmen; the wood used is grown in Germany.

With Cosmo electric guitar can actively participate of its creation process and it offers you the opportunity to break new ground in your music.

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all images and information courtesy of Verso Instruments