Cool Kiddie Pools For Adults Are A Thing Now.

cool kiddie pools for adults

Kiddie pools are cool now. That’s right. Those inflatable round little 55-60 inch diameter pools you fill with a garden hose?  They were always ugly. Pale blue, sometimes with cartoon fish on them. Not anymore. Now you’ll find them as chic and stylish “wading pools” or “splash pools” for adults. Here’s a look at a few of the brands targeting grown-ups with the inexpensive inflatable pools.

Cool Kiddie Pools For Adults

We’ve been atop the revolution of artsy and pop culture inflatable rafts, curating a list of the coolest pool floats available on Amazon and featuring Artist-designed pool floats on the blog. But in the past year or so –perhaps spurred on by record heat temperatures and climbing housing costs– the ‘kiddie pool’ has become a stylish accoutrement for cooling off.


The FUNBOY brand, founded in Venice Beach, CA is at the top of the list when it comes to cool-looking inflatable kiddie pools. We especially love the Italian Tiles and Mellow Yellow ones because they remind us of designer Alexander Girard. Below are some of their most recent designs:

FUNBOY Ibiza Bohemian kiddie pool
FUNBOY Italian Tiles kiddie pool
FUNBOY Mellow Yellow kiddie pool
FUNBOY Tie-Dyed kiddie pool
FUNBOY Moroccan Dream kiddie pool
FUNBOY European Resort kiddie pool
From the FUNBOY X Malibu Barbie Collection

Shop the above FUNBOY brand splash pools here.


Poolcandy is another brand that offers kiddie pools designed to appeal to adults in fruits, florals and glitter.

They even have LED kiddie pools, too.

Shop Poolcandy products here and here.

MinniDip is another brand focused on selling smaller inflatable pools to grown ups.

MinniDip kiddie pool in That’s Banana Leaf!
MinniDip inflatable pools in banana leaf, watermelon and lemon patterns

Shop MinniDip inflatable pools here

SunnyLIFE Greek Eye Pool

There’s no way we were going to leave out the very cool  GREEK EYE inflatable kiddie pool by SunnyLife who makes a lot of great pool floats and pool toys, too. It’s the hippest of the bunch.

The Greek Eye inflatable splash pool

Buy the inflatable Greek Eye Kiddie pool here.

Although we are not as big of fans as these designs, here are some other brands selling various styles of inflatable kiddie pools on Amazon:

Now, stay cool.

Check out even more on our Pinterest board of Cool Floats and Toys for the Pool here

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