San Francisco Home Warns Geeks To “Stay Out” With Binary Code Gate.

code gate

The Code Gate is the perfect front door for the Misanthropic Geek. Belonging to a San Francisco home, at first glance it looks like a decorative perforated stainless steel gate. But for those in the know, it’s actually a pattern of ones and zeros that when decoded translates to “Stay Out.”

Code Gate

Designed by Architect Thom Faulders of Faulders Studio the gate conceals the entrance to the Deform House, also designed by Faulders.

Written in 8-bit ASCll binary code text, the stainless steel gate is perforated with a custom pattern of ones and zeros.

The translated text ‘stay out’ is repeated across the surface, and is reduced in size closer to the ground to prohibit climbing.

Being adjacent to the pedestrian sidewalk, the gate projects a coded warning message to the digitally literate and the curious, in appreciative recognition of the tech-savvy population of San Francisco.

Be sure to see the rest of the house here

Faulders Studio
images and information courtesy of Faulders Studio

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