A Little More Naughty Than Nice, 31 Classic Christmas Pin-Ups To Add Some Spice.

classic christmas pin-ups

To add a little heat to your Christmas day, We’ve rounded up 31 Classic Christmas Pin-Ups (one for each day of December). These vintage illustrations were created for Esquire, various advertisements, calendars and posters. The drawings shown here are by both well known and lesser known illustrators of the genre and range from the 40s to the 60s.

Classic Christmas Pin-Ups

The following fabulous illustrations are done by the best known pinup artists from the era: Alberto Vargas, Earl Moran, Bill Randall, Gil Elvgren, Forrest H. Clough, TN Thompson, Art Frahm, Joseph Di Martini, Baron Von Lind, and Bill Medcalf.

Gil Elvgren:

Alberto Vargas (from whom the term “Vargas Girls” comes):

Bill Randall (known for his ‘Calendar Girls’):

George Petty:

Earl Moran:

TN Thompson:

Forrest H. Clough:

Bill Medcalf (created for for NAPA Auto Parts in 1960):

Art Frahm:

Joseph F. DeMartini:

Shown at top: Baron Von Lind

Books and 2015 Calendars on Pin-Up Art and Artists:

images found via many sources including the PinUp Girls gallery, artist archives and Love The Pinups on flickr

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