Duffy London Brings A Bit of Archeology to the Table.

Civilization Tables by Duffy London

Like many of their other pieces this latest collection from Duffy London combines flair with functionality. The new Civilization Tables from the east London furniture design group combine the modern with the historical in a limited edition of eleven glass topped tables with architecturally hand-carved stone bases.

Civilization Tables by Duffy London

The collection of Civilization Tables by Duffy London are based on three of the most ancient temples and monuments from around the world: The Madain Saleh (Hegra) in Saudi Arabia, the Kailasa Temple in Maharashtrar, India and the Petra in Jordan.

The Hegra, The Kailasa Temple and The Petra

These enduring ancient wonders were literally carved straight out of the earth’s rock with the most intricate skills and this series of tables designed by Christofer Duffy and created with Master Stonemasons, are an homage to their artistry.

sketches for the Kailasa and Petra tables by Duffy London

The Civilization Tables have bases that are rescaled replicas of the three actual historic monuments and when combined with the glass tops they unite the ancient with the modern in terms of both materials and style.

The Petra Table base (detail)

The tables are limited to 11 editions, each unique in terms of the base. History and architecture lovers alike will appreciate them.

The Hegra Table (coffee or dining):

The Kailasa Table (coffee or dining):

The Petra Table (coffee or dining):

Carved Marble. Glass.

Dining (L) 250cm (W) 120cm (H) 75cm
Coffee (L) 180cm (W) 100cm (H) 45cm

Each table is made bespoke to the customer’s requirements in size and in the choice of stone/colour, each piece of stone is hand-selected for every commission, please allow 16 weeks manufacture time as every table is immensely time-consuming in man-hours as each is carved entirely by hand.

Civilization Table is limited to 11 editions.

Configure and buy your own Civilization table here.

Duffy London
all images courtesy of Duffy London

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