$5 Erasers Are Mini Architectural Landmarks of Paris, New York and London

city erasers in box IIHIH

If you’re at all like most people, chances are you rarely, if ever, use an eraser. But these miniature rubber architectural icons from New York, Paris and London are so cute (and so affordable) that you can display them or give them as gifts and they will still be appreciated, enjoyed – and maybe even utilized.

Mini Architecture in Rubber
Whimsical brand SUCK UK has taken iconic buildings from major cities and reproduced them as adorable mini rubber erasers. Each set contains four unique buildings inspired by the famous city skylines.

Keep them on hand for correcting those monumental mistakes, or just use them to turn your desktop into an impressive urban landscape.

Paris City Erasers

New York City Erasers

London City Erasers

A playful gift for the jetsetter, urban planners, engineers and architect-enthusiasts.

Only $5 USD each, buy them here.

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