Red Vines, Candy & Junk Become Celebrity Portraits In The Hands Of Jason Mecier.

above: Kim Kardashian made of Red Vines & Black Licorice twists

Los Angeles born, and now San Francisco-based, mosaic artist Jason Mecier creates portraits of famous personalities with assemblages crafted of candy, food, yarn, dried beans and just plain junk.

Celebrity portraits by Jason Mecier

In his licorice mosaics, He artfully twists red and black licorice to create uncanny likenesses of some of today’s most popular entertainers and images from popular culture.

Kim Kardashian, made of Red Vines and Black Licorice, detail

In his “junk” portraits, the objects he uses to craft the images include things relevant to the celebrity or personality of his subject, such as the Campbell’s soup cans and banana used to compose a portrait of artist (more celebrity junk portraits later on in the post).

Andy Warhol and detail:

Portraits made with Red vines and black licorice

Mo’ Nique:

Michael C. Hall as Dexter:

Elizabeth Berkely in Showgirls:

Taylor Lautner:

Robert Englund as Freddy Kruger from Nightmare on Elm Street:

Portraits made with other candy.

Taylor Swift made with Good n’ Plenty Candies:

Pam Anderson made of various hard candy and candy bars:

Christina Aguilera made of candy:

The Olsen Twins made of candy:

The Spice Girls made of candy:

Some of his impressive “junk” portraits.

Mary Louise Parker (star of HBO’s Weeds) and detail:

Conan O’Brien and detail:

Tina Fey and detail:

Chelsea Handler and detail:

Donald Trump and detail:

Frida Kahlo and detail:

Singer Pink an detail:

Kathy Najimy and detail:

RuPaul and detail:

President Obama and detail:

And, not on his site, is his portrait of Snoop Dogg made entirely of, you guessed it… weed:

To see more, visit Jason’s website.