The CATable, A Work Table For You With Built-In Feline Fun.

The CATable丨猫桌 by Ruan Hao for LYCS architecture debuted at Milan Design Week’s JUNRAN 2014 Designing China Press Conference. The table, a one-off conceptual design, was inspired by cat-owners who can’t keep their feline away from pouncing on their keyboard or curling up on their laptop.

The wood table was created with lots of nooks and crannies (designed to be especially cat-sized) so your pet can entertain themselves and explore while you can work undisturbed.

As the designer says “It is a table for us, and a paradise for cats.”

Exhibit: CATable
Designer: RUAN Hao
Size: 78cm * 70cm * 150cm
Material: Wood
Design Date: 2014.01.08
Design Team: RUAN Hao, LAI Zhenyu, LIN Jingrui

Thanks to FastCo Create for bringing this to my attention, photos courtesy of LYCS architecture and

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