At Casa Chico, It’s All About The Mosaic Wading Pool.

casa chico mosaic wading pool hero

Architects Parque Humano, the same firm behind this beautiful meditation sanctuary, also design homes, one of which has a specially designed water feature, a mosaic wading pool,  by two artists which is the highlight of the home.

Casa Chico Mosaic Wading Pool

Casa Chico, one of Parque Humano’s earlier residential home designs, is highlighted by a striking exterior water feature: a green striped mosaic wading pool over which one must walk to reach the entrance.

A collaborative effort by artists Jeronimo Hagerman and Maurycy Gomulicki the handset mosaic is made up of strips of small tiles in varying shades of green.

The water feature adds much to the otherwise austere-looking modern three story, six bedroom home clad in limestone.

With a spillover edge, the calming sound of rushing water emanates from the pool which is enclosed by a short limestone retaining wall.

The green stripes seem to shimmer and dance in the moving water’s reflections.

Architectural plans for Casa Chico:

It’s a truly inspiring way to add some quality aesthetic design to a home.

Parque Humano Architects and Design
Jeronimo Hagerman
Maurycy Gomulicki

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